The Sexy As Hell Brush & Comb COMBO

The Sexy As Hell Brush & Comb COMBO

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Get both The Sandalwood Beard Pick and The Boar Bristle Beard brush for only $24.00 ! ! !

Save now with The Sexy as Hell Beard & Comb COMBO

Beard Brushes & Beard Combs are a key component to growing a SEXY AS HELL BEARD. 

Our brushes are made from boars hair and are cut at different lengths so you can reach hairs at every level of your beard. 

Wide tooth Sandalwood combs are a must have for any beard when it reaches a certain length to prevent tangled hairs.

Our wide tooth Sandalwood comb gently massage the skin on your face, stimulating the hair follicles and increasing blood flow to the area. Therefore, stimulating hair growth.