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Beard butter or Beard oil?

I have men ask me all the time. Do I really need to purchase beard products to grow a beard? Won't my beard just grow in on it's own? And my answer to that is,  "Of course it will grow in on it's own, you don't need beard products to grow in a beard". The same way you don't need toothpaste or a toothbrush to grow in teeth, is the same way you don't need beard butter or beard oils for your beard. 
Now, if you want healthy, shiny, pearly whites with great smelling breath so you're not insecure when you're conversing with people, then you buy the tools needed and incorporate it into your daily routine.  Your face and your smile is your first impression. Its the first thing people see and judge you by when they meet you. So if you have a beard and you decided to opt out of buying beard products, don't be surprised if your beard comes off unkept, is dry, scruffy and loaded with beard dandruff. 

Purchasing beard butter's and beard oil's are an investment with a great return. When you have a beard and you know its healthy , its full , its thick , it shiny and smelling good , you consciously and unconsciously walk around with a certain confidence. Your self esteem is through the roof.......trust me.
That is why I named my beard care line SEXY AS HELL BEARD CARE.  When you use S.A.H Beard Care you have the confidence knowing your beards appearance reflects pride and confidence ......making you feel SEXY AS HELL! 
So the Question you may be asking yourself, which one do I need?
Beard butter or Beard Oil ?
Here is why you need both.

Beard oil
Beard oil is the perfect way to moisturize and maintain the health of your skin underneath your beard  while promoting better growth into the future. As your beard grows, it absorbs the natural sebum oils from your skin which causes dryness, redness, beard itch and beard dandruff.
Beard Oil Eliminates:

Beard Itch – this is one of the main reasons why men shave off their beards. The scratching becomes too unbearable.

Beard Dandruff – dandruff of the beard, having flakes of skin  everywhere has to be one of the grossest sights , especially to the opposite sex.
Beard oil is perfect for new beards with the combination of a boar bristle beard brush to stimulate the blood flow to the hair follicles in the facial beard area. Boar bristle Beard brushes also trap in the oil in order to provide an equal distribution of oil within your beard.
For a top quality Boar Bristle Beard Brush and beard oil, 
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Beard butter's

Beard butter acts as a deep conditioner for your beard, keeping your hairs soft and healthy. When your beard has reached a certain length, beard butter will give you the perfect amount of hold to style your beard for the perfect shape.
On top of that, SEXY AS HELL Beard butter's instantly absorb into your beard hairs giving your beard a much healthier, fuller, shinier appearance.
And who doesn’t want a shiner beard ???
And lets not forget about the smell, SEXY AS HELL beard butters and beard oils come in a variety of scents and will have you walking around smelling amazing!
CHOCOLATE ! and many more

So gentlemen, if you ever thought about opting out of getting beard products because your beard can just grow in on its own, just think about how your teeth would look and how your mouth would smell if you opted out of buying toothpaste & a toothbrush.......Would you honestly be able to smile and have a conversation with confidence?......Exactly!

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