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How much should you brush your beard?

How much should you Brush Your Beard?

The act of brushing your beard comes with a lot of benefits. Brushing helps remove dead skin cells from the skin, particles from your beard, and it separates, help trains and straightens your beard hairs.
The best times to brush your beard is when you're applying beard oil. Brushing helps put the beard oil in all the right places. It pushes the beard oil deeper into your beard and is a way to make sure it reaches the skin underneath.
It's very important to make sure to keep the skin under your beard moisturized. Using a beard oil rich in vitamin E and that contains coconut oil are great to make sure your skin and beard stay healthy.    
Now, the question thats on everyone's mind...... Does Brushing Your Beard Help it Grow?

And the answer is, Absolutely! If you plan to maximize your beard growth you should use a boar bristle beard brush wish you can find Here. Only brush your beard if you're applying beard oil and outside of that you should try to only brush your beard once or twice more.
In total that's 3-4 times per day at the very most. When you brush your beard it shouldn't take much time and it really only takes a couple of strokes through your beard. If you catch yourself over brushing try to stop immediately. It's a habit you'll have to break.

It's very easy for brushing your beard to become addictive. Also to keep in mind, stop playing with you beard fella's.  Some guys are always reaching to touch their beards because our hands like to have something to do and stay busy. Touching your beard to often and brushing to often will weaken your beard and that's not SEXY A HELL .
It strips the natural oils away from your beard and will cause decreased growth, split ends, and dry beard.
You may have seen a guy growing a beard and his beard is much shorter under his chin. The most common reason for this is from touching your beard way too much. So to keep your beard even and growing healthy , break these toxic beard habits. Avoid over brushing and playing with your beard to keep your hands busy..... If you have to, get a damn fidget spinner and leave your beard alone. 

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