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Rookie Beard Mistakes

When I first started growing my beard I made a few rookie mistakes that a lot of guys make their first time around. The first month or two when my beard was going through it's stubble phase, I would get what a lot of guys get called "Beard Itch". As the hair grows, the sharp edges of the hair scrape against the edges of the follicle which creates a recipe for all-over itching. Another reason men get beard itch is because after the beard ​has grown in, wiry, poorly conditioned beard hairs rub against dry, irritated skin. This right here is what separates the boys from the men. The itch can become so unbearable that some guys just throw in the towel and just shave it all off. Now here is the mistake that guy's make who decided to stay on the Warrior beard journey,  they scratch their beards with their finger nails. Not only is that disgusting it makes matters worse! Scratching your beard with your nails causes trauma to the skin. Scratching also increases the risk of contracting fungal and bacterial infections to the underlying skin because only god knows whats under your finger nails. Instead of using your fingers, the healthier and best approach for tackling beard itch is brushing your beard with a Boar Bristle Beard Brush after applying beard oil. 

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Another reason for itchy beard include poor hygiene, alot of men dont shampoo thier beard. And here is where I made my next BIG rookie mistake, I used regular hair shampoo for my beard. That was a BIG No! No!  You should never , Evvvvvver use regular hair shampoo on your beard. Regular hair shampoo will strip your beard of its natural oils and dry the skin underneath. You have to remember, the hair on your face is not the same as the hair on your head, it's much more sensitive.

To give your beard an effective deep wash that won't damage your beard and the skin underneath, you will need a Beard wash. Sexy as Hell Beard Wash is an natural top quality beard wash that contains all the key elements plus a little something extra ; ) 
Sexy as Hell Wash contains...

  • VITAMIN E OIL and of course

Sexy As Hell Beard Wash will not only clean your beard but it will hydrate it by providing it with the proper nutrients and oils to keep your beard healthy, soft and shiny. And let's not forget the smell. Sexy As Hell Beard Wash comes in over 10 outstanding aroma's  to match our Sexy As Hell Beard Butter's and Beard Oil's, which will have your beard smelling AMAZING for hours. 

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