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9 matching scented SEXY AS HELL products for an incredibly low DEAL! 

*Dread Oil

Sexy As Hell Dread oil uses all natural ingredients infused with Black Seed Oil to strengthen your dreads and promote growth.

Our unique blend conditions the scalp and relieves itching.

*All Natural Ingredients means

No chemicals

NO Build-up and

Will not build-up on your dreads!

*Lasting Hold– Holds your palm rolls, twists and curls in place longer

*Promotes Growth

*Moisturizes and Conditions


*Absorbs into your locs keeping them soft, silky and Sexy As Hell

*Strengthens and Protects – Rich in protein and other nutrients to strengthen hair. 

*Dread Mist 

Sexy as Hell Dread Mist bring Your dreads Back to Life!


This dread moisturizer spray effectively hydrates and strengthens the hair while nourishing the scalp. It provides daily moisture for your dreads as well as helps prevent dandruff, brittle dreads and hair damage.


Refresh and Protect Your Scalp and Hair - Unlike other loc hair care products, our unique formula provides maximum nourishment and heat protection without the gunky build-up. It also promotes hair growth, and soothes a dry itchy scalp. Besides leaving your hair and scalp feeling SEXY AS HELL, our scents will leave dreads smelling INCREDIBLE for hours.

*Dread Wash

Is an all natural, chemical free shampoo designed specifically for Locs and Dreads. 


Many shampoos are formulated to include sulfates—detergents that clean your hair thoroughly, but can also strip natural oils and moisture from your hair, leaving your dreads dry and more prone to breakage. By adding Sexy As Hell dread shampoo to your regime, your hair is able to maintain its natural moisture levels, so it can grow stronger and more resilient.


Wash your dreads with confidence knowing your shampoo is packed with hearty, impactful essential oils and black seed oil to penetrate deep into your hair and scalp to remove debris, build-up, and residue safely.


*Beard Oil 

*Beard butter 

*Beard Shampoo 

*Body Butter 

*Body Spray  


*BODY WASH (Seamoss & Black seed oil infused) 

Seamoss is nature's collagen, with amazing emollient properties that hydrate, soothe the skin and promotes a healthy and youthful appearance. 


It rehydrates the skin because of its high mineral content, leaving the skin feeling silky and smooth. Vitamin K present in Seamoss deals with keeping the skin’s elasticity intact and promoting collagen production. This helps to plump your skin, smooth out wrinkles, diminish dark spots, and fight the signs of aging.




Seamoss also helps treat several other skin disorders like sunburns, rashes, eczema and psoriasis.


With the infusion of the black seed oil in our "S.A.H Body Wash", fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals are readily absorbed into the skin leaving your skin feeling healthy and looking vibrant


 •  Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, folic acid and niacin. 


S.A.H BODY WASH is the complete total package, besides leaving your skin and body looking SEXY AS HELL! Our choices of scents will leave your body and bathroom smelling AMAZING!